His Story

About Oliver Schiess

My name is Oliver Schiess, I am a Marine Corps veteran and in 2003, I served in combat in Iraq.
I carried out various roles throughout my service including: Drill Instructor, Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Trainer, Combat Instructor of Water Survival, Radar Maintenance Chief, Logistics and Acquisitions manager, and Instructor at the Officer Candidate School in Quantico, among others.

this photo does not represent any endorsement from the Dept. of Defense or any branch of the Armed Service

After years of serving around the globe in the Marines, my family and I chose to live in Alaska. Finally, having found our forever home, my wife, four children and I put roots down in Eagle River. My three youngest children attend Ravenwood Elementary and my oldest is a student at UAA. I want Alaska to be safe and prosperous, not only for my family but for all Alaskans.

The people of Senate Seat G, which represents Eagle River, Chugiak, JBER, and Centennial Park, have the opportunity to elect a proven leader. We need leaders willing to set party politics, special interests, and ego aside if we are going to move our state forward.

As your senator, I will work with all of my colleagues in the Legislature, regardless of party, to fix the problems facing our state. I will use my experience in the Marine Corps to break through the partisan gridlock in Juneau.




As your voice in our Senate, I will serve with Honor and Integrity. My utmost concern will always be doing what is right for my constituents and the people of Alaska.

Its time to "Send in the Marine!"